Here are some great reasons why you shouldn't hire Ravann Communications and benefit from maximum return on your marketing dollars...

#1. Don't hire us if you think quality communications do not matter in your industry.

Wake up and smell the copy. Without communication, commerce is dead. Nothing is ever bartered, traded or sold without words. Whether in print, on TV, by radio or word of mouth, words make the final sale.

Your communication tools are your virtual sales people. They reflect your quality and professionalism. Now, if you want the business of a valuable and busy client, do you send an unprofessional, half-dressed sales rep with a tendency to babble and waste the prospect's time? No. So why send poorly crafted communication tools? Making bad impressions is a waste of your good money and valuable time. Quality communications matter in every industry. And Ravann delivers them.

#2. Don't hire us if you like vague, long-winded messages that are pointless.

Actually, vague and rambling messages make several points; 1) you don't understand your audience, 2) you don't respect their time and 3) they should probably ignore you.

Every day, your prospects are bombarded with information. They have too much to read and too little time. That's why professionals like you come to professionals like us. We know how to cut through the clutter.

#3. Don't hire us if you believe that your website should be all about YOU.

Ever listen to someone who only talks about how great they are? It's a turn-off. Yet 95% of websites and brochures list page after page of boastful, superficial copy. Why? The answer is: everyone is doing it, so it must be right, right? Negative. Narcissism is the most common mistakes that small and medium-sized businesses make in marketing.

Here's a tip: effective website copy is all about your audience. That's because solving customer problems is what 99% of all business products and services are about. Great copy isn't a self-appreciative gaze into the mirror. It's a conversation where your customer's voice is anticipated and valued.

Ravann develops tools that let your customers see themselves - their hopes, fears and who they would like to be. Show them that you understand who they are and what they want, then demonstrate your ability to deliver the goods. That's the right way to go.

#4. Don't hire us if you don't really want to sell.

Effective marketing solutions are provocative, persuasive and motivate a response. They engage your prospects and sell them on your company or products. Bland cliches, boring messages and empty buzz words are a waste of your money. Hire Ravann when you want solutions that work.

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