Here are some great reasons why you shouldn't hire Ravann Communications and benefit from maximum return on your marketing dollars...

#5. Don't hire us if you think that corporate-speak makes effective advertising copy.

Corporate-speak is a sterile and lifeless business writing style used by too many companies. It usually involves excessive use of a thesaurus to write passionless sentences about product features:

Driven by our quality paradigm, Leadhead Inc. is the leading provider of pencils that are superior in the marketplace. Our comprehensive product design incorporates a decorative yellow veneer, innovative hexagonal shaping and an integrated erasure mechanism. In environments where pencils are extensively employed, our superlative product has effectively demonstrated the utmost levels of longevity. Surveys indicate that 90% of consumers who are actively engaged in writing with pencils choose our product.

TIP: Good copy uses proven principles to turn idle prospects into your customers - like promoting benefits to connect with your audience:

Did you know that 9 out of 10 writers prefer Leadhead pencils? They last longer. Their bold color makes them easy to find on your cluttered desktop. Their ridged shape prevents them from rolling off your desk. And with a built-in eraser, you can correct mistakes in a flash.

Effective copywriting is not about the number of words you can wield. If you disagree, compose your sales force exclusively of English teachers and watch the dollars roll in.

#6. Don't hire us if you think that copywriters just deliver words.

We translate effective marketing strategy into purpose-driven content. How? By blending 15 years of marketing and writing expertise with strategy development, business consultancy, market research, troubleshooting and a knack for making the complex seem simple. But enough about us. How does it benefit you?

We understand where value is created and destroyed in communication. And we make sure your communications deliver maximum value - to your audience and your bottom line.

#7. Don't hire us if you feel that marketing experience makes you the best possible copywriter for your company.

We'll refrain from biting the hand that feeds. Needless to say, we have burst a lot of bubbles in our time. And our clients love us for it.


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