Can't afford quality communications, you say? We wonder how you can afford NOT to use them.

Sales team salaries. Media buys. Website expenses. The costs of lead generation eat away at your company's profitability. How you can lower them? One way is to send better communication down those channels. Effective websites, brochures and sales letters can double or triple the number of leads you generate each month - without increasing your marketing budget. Alternatively, poorly crafted tools sabotage your business performance.

Why use an unprofessional sales brochure that contradicts all your claims about quality? Or that poorly designed website with weak and outdated copy? If you are using unprofessional sales and marketing tools you are:

  • Promoting your company's lack of professionalism
  • Creating far-reaching and long-lasting negative impressions
  • Letting your competitors define your brand  
  • Undermining your success

And the longer you do this, the more it will cost you to reclaim lost ground, reposition your company and overcome the damage. Instead, follow the advice of experts who know that...

A small investment can go a long way towards your success.

Many clients use our contributions and solutions for a minimum of two years. Based on that timeframe, the average cost of our strategy, copy and design services starts at $0.80 per day. That means you can:

  • Enhance your sales productivity and optimize annual salary expenses for a daily investment of eight dimes
  • Improve lead generation and relationship building each day for less than the cost of mailing two letters 
  • Maximize your return on marketing expenditures (like printing costs, media buys, website and trade shows) for less than the price of a chocolate bar each day

Our communications work for you around the clock. Want more value? Our content is cross-functional and can be used in your business letters, corporate bios, sales pitches, presentations, articles and more! So it comes down to this:


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