Exceeding expectations for almost eight decades, Vaisala is the global leader in environmental measurement and world's largest manufacturer of weather measurement devices. Headquartered in Helsinki, Finland, the company serves over 100 countries and is the preferred choice of such clients as NASA, the United States Armed Forces, the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA), the National Weather Service, the World Meteorological Organization and most of the world's international airports.

With annual revenues in excess of $300M, Vaisala has more than 20 offices around the world, including seven across the United States and Canada. One of Vaisala product categories is the Road Weather Information System (RWIS) and sensors usd by state and provincial road authorities, cities and towns to optimize snow and ice maintenance on roadways. The company supplies approximately 40% of the road weather information systems and services used around the globe today.

"Vaisala employed Ravann to help define and support us in positioning our brand and developing a niche market segment in Canada and the United States," says Vaisala Marketing Manager Rachel Adams. "Ravann developed an end-to-end sales strategy and a marketing communications package for our non-invasive RWIS solution called Guardian. Ravann created an effctive website, sales folder, corporate/product brochure, research report, sales letters, an image database, prospect call-list, training materials and ghost-written articles. Their ability to research our market area, understand our solutions and apply that knowledge to define and meet our marketing needs was impressive. We were particularly impressed with their high level of creativity, copywriting and attention to detail. The quality of all deliverables, printed marketing material and website was truly first class."

"This was the first time we went outside of our organization for this type of innovative and complete marketing approach," adds Karl Boivin, Vaisala's Regional Sales Manager in Canada. "We're happy we did and we chose our partner well. The results were very impressive. Ravann didn't just think outside the box. They built us a better one."

The Guardian is currently being used by such clients as the City of Chicago and state and local road authorities in Maine, Vermont, Michigan, Tennessee, Virginia, Georgia, Nebraska, Colorado, Wyoming, Idaho, Nevada, California, Washington, Ontario and British Columbia - among others.

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