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Greenteam Landscaping has been providing superior lawn care and landscaping services to homes and businesses throughout Montreal, the West Island and surrounding areas since 1986. Approved by the Quebec Association of Professional Landscapers and recommended by customers, retailers and CAA, Greenteam delivers time-tested solutions with decades of experience and a commitment to providing high quality, headache-free customer service.

"Greenteam offers a wide array of services ranging from basic lawn and garden care up to some very high-end landscaping design and development," explains Rob van Blokland, President of Ravann Communications. "When you have been providing property maintenance services to a customer for years, you may not be top-of-mind when they think of making a substantial high-end landscaping investment. Greenteam was experiencing that perception limitation and needed a communication tool that could effectively position them for those high end projects. It had to promote their expertise and set the tone for a more elite level of services designed expressly for an upscale target market." 

Greenteam required a brochure, an impressive mailer and a leave behind sales piece that could accomodate inserts, project photos and quotations. Ravann was able to develop a cost-effective solution that met all of these objectives: a stunning, three-panel pocket folder.

"Visually and tactilely, it gives an immediate first impression of professionalism, quality, durability and value - all traits that Greenteam wanted to associate with their services," observes van Blokland. "It makes an excellent impression and really stands apart from the standard two-panel folders that are commonly used in alot of industries."

“Ravann has proven to be a dependable and valuable resource," says Stephan Tanguay, President of Greenteam Landscaping. "Over the years, they've developed our website, brochures, sales letters, contracts, newsletters, surveys, logos - and more. They even helped turn our landscaping trailers into a mobile advertising fleet. The sales folder design was outstanding. They make it easy for a busy company owner to benefit from marketing that is headache-free, cost-effective and high quality."

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