The GTI Group is comprised of four companies - each specializing in a key area of logistics and transportation. Providing customers with industry leading specialized transportation, global freight forwarding, brokerage, container solutions and warehousing, the GTI Group is able to meet 100% of their customers' distribution requirements.

Ravann has been helping the GTI Group to grow and market their companies by successfully delivering collateral including websites, brochures, sales letters, proposals, industry mandated documentation, business cards, logos, trade show banners, corporate newsletters, annual calendar - and more.

"Ravann has done some amazing work for us over the years. Their latest contribution was designing and delivering world-class corporate brochures and websites for our Group and our four subsidiary companies," says Dan Noseworthy, President of The GTI Group. "Our staff and customers were seriously impressed and Ravann's tools have enabled us to increase our credibility, image and business. Their stuff just works - and delivers top value for your investment. We've had so many customers raving about our new brochures and website and they're generating leads and business daily. Ravann's copy, design, chosen pictures, print quality, positioning… it all works brilliantly. With an outsourced marketing department like theirs, we may never need an in-house alternative."

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