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| Vortex Aquatic Structures Intl. |

Vortex is an industry leader in the development, deployment and evolution of aquatic play environments. Through its external sales force, Vortex sells Splashpads, multiple product lines, water recirculating systems, automated  controllers, and a host of support services.

Vortex's sales challenges include a complicated sell, qualifying their market expertise, having a uniform sales pitch in an international sales network, and building value for an investment that can represent hundreds of thousands of dollars.

Ravann helped Vortex to overcome these issues in style with an interactive multimedia sales presentation. Designed for on-site presentations, the CD-ROM sales presentation includes videos, audio voice overs, virtual reality tours of products, 3D layouts of play areas, professional photos, before-and-after rollovers, and all the explanations decision makers need to overcome their hesitation and make the right investment.

The Ravann team designed and developed the pitch and presentation, wrote all copy, designed an improved Splashpad logo, recorded all music and voices, and developed a user manual to train Vortex's sales force. Vortex now benefits from having one of the most professional sales presentations in their industry.

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