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Your on-hold customers and outside sales reps are a captive pre-qualified audience. Instead of abandoning them to silence or local radio advertising, you can use your on-hold time to promote offerings and educate them about your company.

Our clients use on-hold audio to inform callers about their experience, core business, products and services, values, mission, ongoing projects, website address, upcoming events, location, hours of operation, guarantees, promotions, new sales representatives, recent publicity received, advertising - and the list goes on. 

For example, when Vortex Aqautic Structures International introduced their on-hold program the response from their affiliates and external sales force was extremely positive. While adding to their professional credibility and entertaining callers, their on-hold audio promoted key company details, news, industry events, new Splashpad openings around the world, holiday greetings - and more.

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