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Ravann joined forces with DaimlerChrysler, EMI Music Group and the Germaine Agency in Antwerpe to develop and execute an innovative multimedia campaign to launch Chrysler's Voyager van in Belgium. The Breathing Room campaign was founded upon the development and release of a hit music single with lyrics that took on a whole new meaning when later associated with Chrysler's vehicle via product placement in a music video, radio advertising, event marketing, dealer promotions, and a television spot.

Featuring EMI Belgium recording artist Sarah and Canadian songwriter/producer VANN, Breathing Room was produced in Brussels by Ravann and was launched with a video shot in South Africa.

"Ravann did much more than write and produce a hit song on which we built one of the most successful national advertising campaigns of the year," recalls Kristiaan Cloots, Owner of the Germaine advertising agency in Antwerpe. "They were one of the principle architects in the construction of the media plan. They developed the original premise and slogan, co-wrote and co-delivered the pitch presentation to the client, prepped supporting communication materials, prepared the artists for interviews, and mixed audio for radio and television commercials."

Breathing Room went to #3 on the Belgian Top 20 National Chart, #2 in the Q-Music Top 50 International, and #2 on Belgian MTV's Top 30 International Video Countdown. It was nominated as Breakthrough Single of the Year at the Donna Radio Awards, Best New Artist Single at the TMF Video Awards, and achieved gold sales status.

"Breathing Room excelled as a pop radio single and was flawlessly tailored for a campaign that we still present as an agency case study to win new clients," adds Cloots. "More importantly, it drove dealer traffic and Voyager sales for the client. Ravann has impressed us on several projects since and we will continue to work with them."

Click below to hear a sample of the hit song.

Audio sample
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