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Education-based marketing

"There is a misconception in business that marketing's most important function is simply to promote what you do. But it is more important that it establish that you are knowledgeable, capable and can be trusted," advises Robert van Blokland, President of Ravann Communications. "Regardless of what it is that you do, most people will not do business with those they do not trust.

"Education-based marketing is a powerful marketing strategy that establishes trust, credibility and market leadership using educational messages. In essence, it enables you to take on the role of a consultant and provide valuable information and insights to educate your prospects about their problems and the ways that you can help solve them."

Ravann tailored this strategy to Vaisala by developing a meticulously researched, 12-page report that addressed the critical challenges faced by the main purchase decision makers in Vaisala's product market. The report also demonstrated how Vaisala's cost-effective solutions could solve these problems and enhance operational effectiveness.

"The educational report was a central component for Vaisala's lead generation strategy," says van Blokland. "Think of it as the marketing version of the Trojan horse. Vaisala was suddenly able to offer their prospects something of significant value for free, so decision makers welcomed it. The report clearly established Vaisala's expertise and market leadership while maintaining a necessary degree of objectivity. While educating prospects on need-to-know information that could result in huge savings for them, the report also established buying/success criteria that only our client's product and services were able to meet."
Positioned as a way for Vaisala to give back to a market that made it an industry leader, the impressive report was accompanied by world-class sales material that reinforced the quality of Vaisala's best-in-class solutions. The result was an innovative lead generator that gave Vaisala a sustainable competitive edge in their market.

"Ravann's ability to research our market area, understand our solutions and apply that knowledge to define and meet our marketing needs was impressive," recalls Rachel Adams, Vaisala's Marketing Manager. "We were particularly impressed with their high level of creativity, copywriting and attention to detail. The quality of all deliverables, printed marketing material and website was truly first class."

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